Denim Collection 2017

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Azhar Zainal is a Malaysian fashion designer that was based in Puchong, Selangor. Born and raised in  Melaka, Azhar Zainal graduated with Diploma in Fashion & Design from Tunku Abdul Rahman College.

In the early days of his career, he started as a Wedding Dress Designer before decided to take the biggest risk by entering the fashion industry in Malaysia by establishing his own apparel brand, Azhar Zainal in 2016. 

By remembering where he was coming from, Azhar Zainal wanted to create the unforgettable memories by launching the debut of his collection at his own hometown in Melaka.


During the memorable night of December 9, 2017, more than 300 selected guests including designers from all backgrounds, well-dressed business leaders and people from the media and fashion industry attended the event at Melaka International Trade Center.

'The Longest Indoor Runway by Azhar Zainal' presented more than 30 Denim Collections from casual to evening dress at a 50 meters runway. Some celebrities that took part in that unforgettable night were Nasha Aziz, Sunshine, Cass, Tinibibbaby, Amyza, Didie Alias and Rosyam Nor.

In addition, by understanding the needs of designer for the 'plus-size' group, Azhar Zainal is one of a few designers that includes 'plus-size' designs in his collection.



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